Join The Most Comprehensive 
Legacy Planning Program Ever Created 

Join The Most Comprehensive 
Legacy Planning Program Ever Created 

The Family Legacy Experience™ provides in-depth coaching in money behavior, multi-generational wealth building strategies and estate planning principles, all while developing the mindset tools to provide you with more fulfillment, purpose and impact. 

Join The Most Comprehensive 
Legacy Planning Program Ever Created 

Join The Most Comprehensive 
Legacy Planning Program Ever Created 

Receive a personalized coaching experience that provides the best that one-on-one, small group, and mastermind coaching environments have to offer. The Family Legacy Experience™ provides in-depth coaching in money behavior, multi-generational wealth building strategies and estate planning principles, all while developing the mindset tools to provide more fulfillment, purpose and impact. 

From the Hearts of Siblings Mark and Marcella:

We created the FAMILY LEGACY EXPERIENCE™ because...

Your environment matters so we wanted to create a purposeful "ecosystem" for people, like us, who are committed to building a legacy and impacting their families and communities in a powerful way.

Financial empowerment must come from the inside out, not the out side in. 

We recognized that the financial industry, as a whole, was focused on selling and failing at serving so we created the change we wanted to see for our community.

Your overall well-being is essential to operating in your full authority as the powerful person you were create to be and this program is designed to take you deeper into your purpose and elevate your ability to lead your family legacy.

The FAMILY LEGACY EXPERIENCE™ is our way of sharing our family experience with the world and supporting you on your legacy building journey. 

Will you take the next step?

Pictured wearing our family crest

This experience is about FAR MORE than money and finances. We created a blueprint FOR YOU to design the life and legacy you truly desire for yourself and your family.

In this 12 Month Elite Coaching Membership, you will experience a community curated to access us and support you.

Module One: 
Family Behavior (Wealthy Mindset Coaching)

Lesson 1

Discover the core values that are unique to your family and how they can develop your purposeful relationship with money.

Lesson 2

Develop the conditions to cultivate family behaviors that will build multi-generational legacies

Lesson 3

Understand what affects your financial decision making and provides you with practical steps needed to make financial decisions that align with your legacy.

Module Two: 
Family Identity (Family Crest Development)

Lesson 1

Understand the purpose of the family crest and the role core values play in designing a legacy.

Lesson 2

Recognize the importance of language in identity and how designing your language allows you to design your family legacy.

Lesson 3

Create mental systems that enforce discipline in order to begin embodying the identity of your family legacy.

Module Three: 
Family Foundation (Building The Legacy Bank)

Lesson 1

Learn the techniques and strategies needed to optimize your money as a tool for living your legacy.

Lesson 2

Understand how cash value life insurance contracts are an effective instrument in building your family legacy.

Lesson 3

Learn what a Legacy Bank is and how it is designed to serve the purposes of your legacy.

Module Four: 
Family Legacy (Estate Planning Preparation)

Lesson 1

Learn the fundamental tools and practices for securing your Family Legacy.

Lesson 2

Understand how investment vehicles and life insurance contracts can be used as an effective instrument in building your Legacy Estate Plan.

Lesson 3

Learn how to strategically implement each phase to create your desired outcome.

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We have life insurance, we have a portfolio but we did not have legacy. 
[My children] are beginning to understand that they can create traditions, they can create values...they can be proud of their family. 
 I'm younger so building this foundation is really important.
 Next year for the 34th anniversary, we are planning the reveal of the family crest!


Here what others have to say about working with us:

Matthew and I have been working towards building a legacy for our family that would have community impact. Mark and Marcella really helped us to identify our purpose for our finances and our financial habits, which helped direct us more purposefully. It has led us to a place where we are fulfilling one of the biggest purposes of our life, which is to build a standalone vineyard that will also be a community marketplace. When first sharing this vision with Mark and Marcella, not only were they very supportive, but they right away really encouraged us with the tools and resources that they utilize, in their Legacy Builder firm, to help us get clear, on the step by step process of which to make sure that our finances were prepared and that our mindset was prepared for how to step into this. 

Jon'll and Matthew Boyd - Boyd Cru Wines

I love working with Marcella and Mark (M&M). They both opened my eyes up to better ways to save, invest, and grow my wealth. I liked them so much that I decided to follow in their footsteps and start teaching financial education, too! We met in 2016, and I'm never letting them go. They are the best at breaking down complex financial topics and holding you accountable so you really reach your financial goals! I'm with team M&M for life!

Acquania Escarne - The Purpose of Money

Working with Marcella truly saved my life. She introduced me to a way of living, tools, and information that completely changed the trajectory of where I was headed. I suffered for years with anxiety. After working for a few months with Marcella, I learned tools and did mindset work that led me to a place where I no longer needed to take medication. My confidence was restored, and she showed me how to live in alignment and with purpose. I learned a lot that has led me to a place where I can step into leadership ,in my new position, and lead from a place that is genuine and authentic to me while also being really focused on serving. Marcella is the perfect balance of empathy and love, while challenging me to grow. When working with her, I feel an energy that gives me what I need to keep pushing towards my goals and the dreams I have for my future. 

Maggie Warren - Educator

Legacy Builder Group embodies their name. I am a legacy builder and Mark and Marcella have and continue to help me create, build, grow, live and leave a powerful legacy. So grateful for who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Thank you for helping me and so many other families live and leave a legacy in the earth. I am grateful to be a part of the Legacy Builder Group family

Vikki Johnson - The Soul Wealth Radio Show

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Your Coach

Marcella combines her passion for personal development and wealth creation as a licensed Behavioral Financial Advisor™ and the co-founder of Legacy Builder Group, LLC. 

She is also a Certified Master Mindset and Cognitive Behavioral Coach as well as a Certified Flexibility Coach. She provides a scientific approach to mental and physical discipline that guides individuals to discovering their purpose for money and creating personal and financial freedom.

Ultimately, Marcella’s intention is simple–to teach you how to develop the behavior that will build your legacy; and by helping families secure the foundation of Legacy Building as it relates to Finance, Family, Fitness and Faith, she is impacting generations.

Marcella's expertise in behavioral finance has been featured in media and publications like NPR, The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report and The NFL Thread.

Your Coach

Mark Mollon is the co-Founder of Legacy Builder Group, LLC, a holistic coaching and investment firm helping families build wealth with purpose. Legacy Builder Group specializing in wealth preservation, asset protection, retirement planning, tax diversification strategies and legacy planning.

As 5th generation business owners, Mark have a passion for entrepreneurship and educating individuals with the knowledge to create a legacy of financial security from one generation to the next.

Mark is a licensed insurance professionals and financial strategist with over 12 years in the financial industry. He is also a Investment Advisor Representative with a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant Designation (ChFEBC℠). His unique areas of expertise give him an in-depth understanding of the mistakes individuals make in their financial planning and provide them with the skills to implement solutions.

Your Crest Consultant

Gabrielle Jordan is an award-winning entrepreneur and custom jewelry designer. This prodigy started her luxury jewelry brand at the age of 9. By 13, Gabrielle was a bestselling author and international, TEDx speaker.

Her passion for design led her to further her studies in London. Gabrielle is also a certified CAD/CAM Jewelry designer from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Her designs have been worn by actresses, politicians, TV personalities and other notable figures.

Gabrielle has been featured on several television and radio stations as well as news and online publications such as TLC, The HARRY Show, Huffington Post, Black Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. to name a few. 

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